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Custom Eye Patches.com

All patches $10.00

All the patches shown are available in Large, Medium & Small sizes - for guidance in choosing the right size click here
Plain Patch Range

1. Beige Suede w/Blue & White Cord

2. Beige Vinyl w/Yellow Cord

3. Beige Suede w/Gold Quilted Fabric and Gold Cord

4. Beige Suede w/Blue & Gold Cord

5. Beige Vinyl w/Green Cord

6. Beige Vinyl w/Beige Cord

7. Beige Suede w/Pink Cord

8. Beige Vinyl w/Multi Cord

9. Beige Vinyl w/Gold and White Cord

10. Beige Suede w/Lime Green Cord

11. Beige Suede w/Dark Denim fabric and Beige Suede Cord

12.Beige Vinyl w/Green and Gold ric rac

13. Beige Suede w/Gold Looped ric rac

14. Beige Suede w/Medium Denim Fabric and Beige Suede Cord

15. Beige Suede w/Green cord

16. Beige Suede w/Purple Looped ric rac

17. Beige Suede w/Light Denim and Beige Suede Cord

18. Brown Vinyl w/White Cord

19. Beige Suedew/Faux Snake Skin and Brown Suede Cord

20. Brown Vinyl w/Beige Cord

21. Brown Vinyl w/Black Cord

22. Brown Suede w/Brown Suede Cord

23. Brown Suede w/Beige Cord

24. Brown Suede w/Multi Suede Cord

25.Brown Leather w/Black Cord

26. Black Vinyl w/Black Cord

27 Black Suede w/White Cord .

28.Black Suede w/Black Cord

29.Blue Vinyl w/Tie fabric & Blue Cord


30.Blue Vinyl w/Tartan Fabric & Green Cord

31. Blue Vinyl w/Blue and Gold Cord

32. Purple Vinyl w/Purple and Gold Cord


33.Bright Pink & Gold Batik w/Cerise edging & leather backing

34.Bright Blue & Gold Batik w/Royal Blue edging & leather backing

35.Bright Green & Gold Batik w/Lime Green edging & leather backing


36.Bright Orange & Gold Batik w/ Shiny Orange edging & leather backing


To buy your patch on-line please use the boxes and buttons below. Select which Patch you want and type in the number, then tell us which eye it is for, L or R & what size you require, L,M,S,. Please see our terms and conditions below
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Which eye? What patch size??

All our prices are subject to an additional 8.25% sales tax and a shipping/handling fee of $1.25 per patch (These additional costs will be added at the checkout). Please use the "Add to Cart" button to purchase on line, you can also see the contents of your cart at any time by pressing the "View Cart" button. For directions regarding the "Checkout Procedure" please click here